Saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions for sagittarius

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Saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions for sagittarius

Saturn transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 26th January Now, the transition of Saturn to your Birth Sign, called as Jemma Sani, will result in lessening of such expenses. The presence of Saturn in your Birth Sign will give you mixed outcomes. As your finances get sorted this time of the year, you can heave a sigh of relief.

saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions for sagittarius

You might face unnecessary traveling. The outcome of such travels will be mixed. You should be careful with your words. Money flow will be quite good, and your expenses will increase accordingly.

You must try to reign in your words and focus only on your work. Yearly Horoscopes Sagittarius Sign. After Saturn transit to Sagittarius Sign, You might not get paid to the amount of work you had done. Troubles in the form of close relatives might come and go. Your siblings will prove to be a mixed bag of help and difficulty.

Good news might be delayed. Your interest in learning new things will be low. Though you might buy properties in the beginning of this year, you might have to forgo them in later time.

Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn- Effects & Predictions Ascendant Wise

Some will sell off their old properties and buy new ones. Your attempts at higher studies might not be fruitful. So put all your efforts and concentration in your studies. Some might get the chance of shifting their house, job and location to their favor. Be alert while driving. Think clearly, thoroughly through any decision and do not get confused. Your interest in partying and celebrations will be quite low.

Planet Saturn Transit This Saturn transit to Sagittarius Sign will bring happy celebrations in your family. New members bring joy and happiness to your household. Take your meals in time. Those who are struggling with unemployment will get a job after many trials and tribulations.

Though the job might not be up to your expectations, hold on to that job. You will get loans easily.

saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions for sagittarius

You might have to stave off your old loans by getting new loans. Do not lend your money to others, as the money might not return to you in time. Rahu Ketu Transit Effect for to You might have to work very hard. Court cases will run in your favor. You might have to put in great efforts to see your position rise at work.

You might get the chance of partnering in new ventures. Small traders will face moderate business. Jupiter Transit — for Sagittarius Sign.

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Friends in faraway places will be helpful to you.Saturn transits into Capricorn from Sagittarius on 24th January Saturn transits the 2nd House from Sagittarius Moon sign, which represents finance and family. From here, he aspects the 4th House of assets, 8th House of longevity, and 11th House of profits and profession. This transit brings positive developments in career, better financial prospects and fulfills your long-pending dreams of marriage.

This transit eliminates marriage impediments for those seeking a good partner and lovers. Married couples facing emotional conflicts will find relief and experience a harmonious and more intimate time with each other.

saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions for sagittarius

This transit may also bring progeny blessings and happiness from children. They may develop neck or back pain and nerve problems. Some may have an attack of depression and mental stress, which can be avoided through regular meditation. Children may get colds often.

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Following healthy and hygienic food habits will help them avoid such problems. Those in brokerage and commission business make good profits. Your spouse will help to boost family income and well-being. Working people will get a job promotion during this time. Those in advertising and matrimony sector will experience growth and gain good profits. Those in government job will get job promotion and financial growth.

People in the arts and cinema fields will be popular and experience improvement in their profession during this time. Students will see great improvement in their studies.

Students of Mass Communication and Visual Communication courses would get high scores.

saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions for sagittarius

Those involved in chemistry research would do very well and get an esteemed position. Those appearing for Civil Services examination will taste success after June This astrology consultation helps you understand how Saturn Transit impacts you on a personal level and decide on when to act and when to wait.General Trends. On January 24,Saturn transits into Capricorn from Sagittarius. Saturn transits the 2nd House from Sagittarius Moon sign, which signifies finance and family.

From here, he aspects the 4th House of assets, 8th House of longevity, and 11th House of profits and profession. During this time, Saturn brings good results, provided they have been ethical in life.

This transit will bring good developments in career, finances and fulfills long-pending dreams of marriage. Marriage impediments will vanish for those seeking a good partner and lovers. Married couples with problems will find relief and experience a harmonious and more intimate time. This transit also brings progeny blessings and happiness from children. Do Gayatri Homa for family harmony.

In order to know more about this Saturn Transit For Sagittarius, just click here. They may get neck or back pain and nerve problems. Some may experience depression and mental stress, which can be remedied through meditation.

Children may suffer from frequent colds. They should adopt healthy and hygienic food habits. Do Adithya Hridayam chanting followed by Sun Homa for good health. People in brokerage and commission business will have good profits. Your spouse will be a big help in boosting family income and well-being.

Do Avahanti Homa to boost finances. The employed will get a job promotion now. Those in advertising and matrimony will have growth and get good profits.

Those in government sector will get promotion and financial growth. People in the arts and cinema fields will do well in their profession during this time. Students will do very well in their studies.

Students pursuing Mass Communication and Visual Communication courses will score well.Saturn Transitand Hard task master enters own sign earth sign Capricorn from January, 24 thPM. Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius from 29 th April From 12 th July Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. Saturn again enters its other sign Aquarius from 17 th January, Saturn is measured as a hard task master.

Viewing this one needs to exert more and work methodically consistently to achieve desired level of prospects. Your patience is to be on test during transit of Saturn in own sign earth sign Capricorn.

Progressive forces are to work effectively. Astrology interprets Saturn as one of the most malefic or benefic planets from all the nine planets in the solar system.

If transiting in negative phase in a House or bad placement in horoscope can bring forth lots of misfortune for a person. The affected native will have to witness a slew of incidents damaging or hindering progress in his life on the front of finance, career, education, job, marriage and so on. Being under the malefic influence of Saturn is the reason marital life and financial progress of the affected natives is not on positive track.

At the point when Saturn is positively put in a horoscope and it is without malefic impact, it can possibly take an individual to incredible notoriety, wealth and regard from the general population. This is particularly if the individual is an Aquarius or Capricorn where Saturn is the master of their ascendant.

Saturn planet renders harmful effects on your life, especially if transiting of the planet is negatively cycled. Considered as a dry and cold planet, Saturn, if placed in beneficial transit in House, can spell a great fortune and financial prosperity for the native.

If placed beneficially in your horoscope, Saturn can bless you with longevity. Saturn is the judge of your character and you can earn his pleasure or displeasure depending on your karma. We PavitraJyotish here try to explore what is in store for all Moon sign during Saturn transit in own and earth sign Capricorn. Saturn rules important house the tenth and also holds portfolio of the eleventh house linked with gain and fulfillment of wish.

Saturn transits in own sign earth sign Capricorn. Saturn moves through the tenth house linked with occupation for your sign.

This movement of Saturn through the tenth house indicates that you are to remain concerned about occupation. Viewing this, do not opt for a change here. Career oriented needs to stick with the present assignment and try to exert more to keep your position secured. Business person needs to have live contact with high worth customers to push ahead sales.

Married one needs to take care about sensibilities of life partner and take major decision accordingly. A major change for good seems to be in offing. You are to remain in a comfortable position on financial front. No major health issue is to catch up with you.Astrology Mar 13, 5 comments.

Given that Saturn only changes signs every 2. From the period of March 21st — July 1st, Saturn will give us some hints into areas of our lives that will need to go through a restructuring — Aquarius style. As a result of the Aquarian influence, we can expect new themes to become prominent in our personal lives, as well as in society. Anything different and unusual will be coming onto the scene and likely get new kinds of attention.

For both groups, important themes of life will either need to close out or be taken to a new heightened level of achievement. He will then move through his final phase o Love your talk about Saturn going into Aquarius and what that will mean.

You are clear and stay on point which makes you so much easier to listen to. Thanks for taking the time to think through what Saturn going into Aquarius means as well as Leo its opposite sign from Aquarius. I would also imagine that wherever Aquarious or Leo is in our charts we should look there to see how we can be affected.

You are an excellent teacher. Your post of Saturn going into Aquarius is so on point for me. Since there have been breakdowns in my life which affected me deeply and has not been easy for me.

But looking back, I see how those needed to happen and how I had to be prompted to make changes that is helping me evolve, and right now I have been feeling well, happy and very peaceful, and I am in gratitude to the Universe for what I have achieved so far. Thanks for the article. Your email address will not be published. Connect with me on all my Social Media. These are the best places to follow what I'm up to and all the planetary happenings affecting your life.

Saturn in Aquarius Transit: by Crystal B. Follow me on Instagram. Connect to the Collective Nature of Aquarius. Tell Me More! Kayce St James on Mar 16 at pm. Crystal B. Astrology on Mar 16 at pm. Thanks so much — I really appreciate your note!

Jupiter Transit 2020 In Sagittarius Sign| Effects & Predictions Ascendant Wise

Judy on Mar 17 at pm. Astrology on Mar 17 at pm. Thank you Judy! Al on Mar 20 at pm. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get Around. Stay in Touch! Get On the List. Signup for free.On March 21 ofSaturn will enter Aquariusoccupying its airy home for the first time since With a windy gale at its back, Saturn in Aquarius will turn its scythe toward unknown terrain in order to gather and harvest wisdom off the mainstream path and beyond the norm.

Saturn feels secure, strong, and comfortably at home in Aquarius, but discovers a different kind of expression than when residing in its other home of Capricorn where it is surrounded by dense stone and earthly matters. In the airy climate of Aquarius, Saturn turns its slow and steady gaze outward, reordering structures and boundaries in order to make connections, distribute information, and develop innovations.

What do the stars have in store for you in ? Change will be in the air as Saturn enters Aquarius, for it will immediately begin forming a catalytic square aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Saturn will not complete its square aspect with Uranus during however, as it will station retrograde on May 10 at two degrees of Aquarius to turn backward toward Capricorn.

We will feel the volatizing impact of Uranus through questioning the boundaries we erect in our life and beginning a process of restructuring them. Rather than holding on to old conceptions we have been attached to, we will become more interested in experimenting and beginning to break free from whatever the status quo has been for us.

In addition to the influence of Uranus creating an atmosphere of breakthroughs during the initial foray of Saturn into Aquarius, there will be an additional impetus for radical change coming from Venus stationing retrograde in Gemini on May Venus will remain retrograde until stationing direct at six degrees of Gemini on June 25, a week before Saturn leaves Aquarius to return to Capricorn.

Altogether, we can expect deep-seated changes in our underlying values and the way they manifest into aspirations in relationships and work. The capacity of Saturn in Aquarius to detach from emotional overwhelm in order to analyze the next steps that are necessary to take for growth can be a source of strength during this time. The ingress of Saturn into Aquarius will be especially notable for those born with Saturn in Aquarius and Leo, as it marks the beginning of their Saturn return and opposition respectively.

Those with Saturn in the first five degrees of Aquarius and Leo will feel the effects most acutely in their lives from March 21 through July 1, but everyone who has Saturn in Aquarius and Leo will receive their first impression of the themes involving responsibility, maturity, discipline, and endurance that will become intensified as Saturn steadily moves closer to the degree of their natal Saturn. Similarly, those who have Saturn in Taurus and Scorpio will also experience the initial jolt of Saturn forming a square to their natal Saturn, demanding accountability with regards to whatever issues arise.

Once Saturn returns to Capricorn at the beginning of July there will be an opportunity to reflect upon the initial experience of Saturn in Aquarius before it returns to Aquarius at the end of the year.

Saturn Transit 2020: Effects On Different Zodiac Signs And Their Remedies

Prepare for the year ahead with your Tarot reading. Saturn will return to Aquarius on December 17 with Jupiter close behind, leading to a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius on December Since the union of Jupiter and Saturn will set major astrological themes for the next twenty years in motion, Saturn in Aquarius will be an aid in analyzing the present structures in your life to realize whatever needs to be catalyzed for growth.There is not doubt in that!!

Position of saturn and its transit can easily override many aspects of the Horoscope. Saturn is in new sign now and will be there for 2.

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Last Updated on March 9, Saturn is the slowest planet among all and transit of Saturn is something which no astrologer can overlook in vedic astrology. Similarly out of all major planetary transits running right now, Saturn transit through Capricorn sign is most important because now planet Saturn is in own sign now.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is considered as the lawmaker and punisher who judges our actions. After a long stay in Sagittarius, Saturn in its transit came into Capricorn Zodiac on 24th of January around Hrs and Saturn will be staying in it until April During the yearresults of Saturn transit will be different from the previous years because of the fact that Saturn navamsha position will change within the Capricorn sign.

Same time you can look at the results of other major transits because all of them will affect you in some way and are interrelated with each other.

Using standard rules of Vedic Astrology we can easily find out how this Saturn transit is going to affect us and what special situations it is going bring for natives of each ascendant. This article is pretty long and you can use the table of content for quick access to the part which you want to read or simply watch the video for it.

You need to understand this carefully because in a long transit of Saturn a lot of movement happens especially its retrograde motion. You can follow the infographics given below. It is quite obvious here that you should known the various aspects of planet Saturn.

Saturn is considered as lord of Karma and ruler of the 10th and 11th house in a horosc ope. Above list may sound depressing to you, but don't ignore the fact that without Saturn planet existencewe can not even breathe. So once you figure out what significations Saturn rules in astrology, it will easier for you to predict Saturn transit results. Capricorn sign is the 10th sign of the Kaalchakra scheme and rules over Work and Career and Status.

Capricorn sign is ruled by planet Saturn and works very well in it. Just like any other planet, Saturn also changes its role for different ascendant.

For example, Saturn is malefic for Aries ascendant whereas Saturn is benefic for Taurus ascendant.

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For your convenience I have made a table to show where Saturn is benefic and malefic for a particular ascendant. Therefore final predictions for Saturn transit will depend on the following factors:. Not to forget that Saturn is a slow planet and making a prediction on Saturn transit in Capricorn sign can be tricky therefore the predictions of these Saturn transit are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter.

These predictions for Saturn transit in Capricorn are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter. So above we saw everything to know about Saturn transit and now it is the time we read the predictions on it.

Plz, note that these are general predictions and we need to use a holistic approach to make predictions on your Horoscope. For your own Horoscope analysis Email me on thevedichoroscope gmail. Saturn mainly rules over the following aspects for Aries ascendant natives:. During Saturn transit in Capricorn sign, Saturn will be transiting over the 10th house and will aspect over 12th, 4th and 7th house.

All this means Saturn transit is going to be life changing for you and it can bring once in a lifetime opportunities in your way, these 2.

Saturn Transit 2020 to 2023 Predictions for Sagittarius

Presence of Saturn on your 10th house throughout the year is going to bring steady growth in your career. There will be opportunities for promotion and salary rise and if you are running through auspicious and unafflicted Jupiter dasha then you can expect some life changing career growth for yourself. If you are already in there then this is the kind of transit you need to get the best from your life, any current issue at workplace will start to go away and you will be able to have some peace of mind at work with people bothering you.

धनु लग्न राशि 2020 भविष्य

Your performance and abilities will be noticed and your seniors will give you ample credit for your good work. Overall a very good transit this is going to be and yearand will be best years of life provided dasha is supportive for same.

If you are into salaried job then steady rise is seen for you and august is showing some definite rise in the salary.


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