Heuer carrera 7753 sn

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Heuer carrera 7753 sn

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Heuer 7753 NST Carrera ‘Box & Papers’

This week, we offer you a selection comprised almost exclusively of chronographs. The models featured today are not the usual suspects from renowned brands such as Heuer or Breitling, although the Heuer Carrera and the Breitling CP we've found share a lot with their most coveted siblings.

We also included an interesting Nivada Grenchen Datomaster that is currently listed on Ebay and a smart triple-calendar Movado in stunning condition. For vintage enthusiasts, the name of Jean-Claude Killy is mostly associated with the Rolex Datocompax that he famously wore.

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Yet, one collector eventually discovered that the former French skier also wore a Breitling CP for Co-Pilot when he won three gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. The seller of this example is actually the very person who initially found out about the Killy connection. The condition looks outstanding, from the unpolished case as can be seen from the intact bevels to the spotless dial that keeps the original contrast of the reverse panda configuration.

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The caseback still shows deep engravings of the reference and serial numbers, dating the watch back toone year after the CP was introduced. There is only a small piece of lume missing from the hour hand, as correctly noted by the seller. Heuer was another brand famous for its panda and reverse panda dials, which offer a striking contrast between the white and black of the main dial and the sub-registers. The Heuer Carrera presents here a flawless reverse panda, underlined by the white minute ring.

Carrera 7753

A successor of the reference in the late s, the still lives in the shadows of the three-register referencebut it does embody the stunning design of the Carrera line as well. Its case is described as unpolished, and and it looks it, allowing you to truly enjoy the crisp faceted lugs of the 35mm case. The condition of the dial is truly astounding; it is very rare to see the printing so well preserved.

And the lume from the hands and lume plots matches nicely, with a great patina. Lastly, the manual-wound chronograph movement is said by the seller to perform well; the caliber is the Valjouxwhich replaced the Valjoux 92 of the reference with the minute counter becoming a minute register with the reference It definitely has a s vibe, with orange notes on its grey dial, and black-striped hands. But it is the date placement at 12 o'clock that makes the watch stand out, much like the Heuer Dato reference ; both watches rely on a Landeron caliber, and both display the date at this unusual position.

The watch shows some aging to the dial with some fading to the five-minute orange sector on the minute register, on the right. The chronograph second hands has also lost part of its orange color, something often seen on vintage Datomasters.

It comes with the correct signed crown with the N logo of Nivada, Nivada Grenchen being one of the aliases of the brand, after Movado took legal action in the United States on the basis of similar sounding names. The caseback bears the name of a former owner, something that adds even more cachet to this Datomaster. Movado offers outstanding vintage watches, especially if you don't mind them on the smaller side. With its 34mm diameter, the reference is typical of Movado's vintage production, with an in-house movement allowing for an extremely legible triple date complication.

The caliber belongs to the family, which also feature chronograph and moon phase complications, respectively for the Calendograph and the Celestograph.You can find those brands, both big and small, right here. Unlike many cult watches that took time to find an audience like the Royal Oak, for instance the Carrera was an immediate hit, with a simple clean design that captured the spirit of motorsports in the s to a T the first Heuer Carrera was shown at Basel in The silver dial tone offsets the pleasant patina on the lume, and of course, you get the famed Carrera case, with its down-turned lugs.

This is a classic that really deserves to be called a classic, and a great entry point to collecting both vintage Heuer and vintage chronographs in general. The case is in fair condition, the lugs display a couple of nicks that testify that this Carrera was loved and worn which we feel is part of the charm.

heuer carrera 7753 sn

The original Heuer crown and pushers are still there — a nice touch. The dial is in great condition, without fading even on the outermost scales. The patina on the lume dots is stunning, and matches the handset aging; unfortunately, a couple of dots have not survived its year lifetime.

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There is a German inscription on the case back, maybe a sign of military use. New Watches. From The Journal. New Partners. Why This Watch Matters The Heuer Carrera is one of those utilitarian objects whose inherently good design allowed it to make the leap from practical tool to iconic design object.

Sold Out - Join Waitlist.In these contests, the Heuer brand has taken more than its share of the podiums. So with the release of the movie Ford v. Ferrari this weekend November 15,we again face the task of identifying the watches worn by the racers. Shelby teams with racer Ken Miles played by Christian Baleto challenge Ferrari at the running of Le Mans, after Ferrari had won the race for the previous six years.

Immediately after we published this posting, TAG Heuer confirmed that it had supplied these watches for Damon and Bale, and provided information as to the versions of these watches worn by the stars. We have updated this posting to include the information supplied by TAG Heuer.

Racing enthusiasts all know the basic plot of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, With Miles holding a lead of four laps, he receives team instructions to slow his pace, so that the three Fords can cross the finish line side-by-side-by-side. An additional 10 Ferraris started the race, but retired during the 24 hours.

Porsches finished the race running 4th, 5th. For Ken Miles, the Le Mans race represented a triumph and a tragedy. On the track, he was in position to easily win the race, and with it the endurance racing triple crown foras he had already won the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. Two months later, Ken Miles was killed, while testing a race car at Riverside, California.

In terms of the watch spotting, Damon provides an easy target. We see him wearing what can only be a two-register Heuer Carrara, with a white dial and black registers, the Reference We deduct points from the costume designer, however, as the events in the movie focus on the running of Le Mans, while the Carrera Reference was only introduced circa Still, the Carrera Reference SN is a great choice for a racer, capturing the style of the s.

The white dial with the contrasting registers also proves to be very visible on the screen. There is also a historic connection between Carroll Shelby and the Heuer Carrera. When Carroll Shelby was running his automobile company and his racing team, he ordered special editions of the Carrera 45 Dato, which had the Shelby Cobra logo on the dial. It was initially more difficult to identify the watch that Christian Bale wears, as Ken Miles, for the reason that Bale seems to wear his watch with the dial on the inside of his wrist, rather than on top of his wrist.

Also, while Matt Damon wears his watch in every scene, Bale does not wear a watch in most of the scenes.The s saw Heuer expanding its range of chronographs through the release of the Daytona, Cortina, Kentucky and Jarama.

Heuer Carrera 7753SN - Matt Damon - Ford v. Ferrari

Issued to the Kenyan Air Force in the s, this rare edition of the famous Autavia reference is a widely revered collectors item in the Heuer community.

The earlier Heuer Autavia Ref. Embodying the dynamic era of late '60s Heuer watchmaking, the Heuer Camaro N is a 30 minute chronograph which stands out as undeniably slick in its execution. Powered by a valjoux movement, the Camaro has become a legend in the eyes of Heuer…. The integration of the Heuer name into American motorsports culture was accelerated massively through the release of the Heuer….

This widely revered Autavia model is highly sought after due to its striking combination of black and orange on its dial. Commonly the orange hands on these models fade with wear. However the hands on this particular example boast a bright oran…. One of Heuer's standout releases from the '70s, the legendary reference took on many variant colourways and arrangements.

Perhaps the 's most iconic design is a silver dial, exposing rich black dials and a striking orange hand as seen in thi…. The Heuer Camaro N boasts the much sought after black dial,complete with three sub-dials. This superb example from circa has a brushed and polished case in original with no additional polishing. Powered by a manual wind valjoux 72 movement, …. In fabulous original condition, this legendary Heuer Carrera ST remains timeless and forever cult.

This totally unique Heuer Autavia showcases Heuer's efforts to reconsider their boundaries in design. This particular model positions the 'Autavia' print below the offset running seconds hand, a feature exclusive to watches with automatic Calib….

A fabulous example of a rare and highly sought after Heuer Monaco G complete with its original box. Manufactured in the early '70s, this stunning piece remains in outstanding condition. The G quietly coexists with its blue-dialled sister, t…. This partic….While many vintage Heuer models are now well-known by collectors- and therefore have prices to match- one of the most stylish models from the late s continues to fly under the radar- the Heuer Camaro. Named after the Chevrolet Camaro that was launched inthe Camaro offers a similar style to the Carrera, but in a slightly larger, cushion-shaped case.

A Swiss watch named after an American muscle car? The Heuer Camaro was launched in and was the last series introduced before focus turned to the Chronomatic-powered watches of The Camaro was never sold with an automatic movement, and with Heuer focused on selling its new automatic chronograph models, the Camaro slipped out of production in The key to understanding the Camaro is to start by looking at the various the movements that were offered. There were many different Camaro models, but these can be confusing, as there are several different colour combinations that share the same reference number.

There are three families of movement offered in the Camaro, each supplied to Heuer by Valjoux, which today is part of Swatch Group.

The Valjoux 72 is a three-register, manual-wind chronograph movement, which traces its origins back to the s. A relatively small movement 13 lignethe V72 was used in the Heuer Carrera, as well as the Rolex Daytona.

The Valjoux 92 followed the success of the 72 in the s and is also a ligne movement, but with only 2 registers. The is actually a re-named Venuswhich is a manual-wind minute chronograph 14 ligne movement with two registers.

heuer carrera 7753 sn

Valjoux upgraded the movement incalling the revised calibre the Valjouxwhich serves as a base for several modified versions, including:. The X family is larger than the Valjoux 72, both in diameter What confuses people with the Camaro is that the 3-register model can have either a Valjoux 72 or the Valjoux the only way to tell the difference is that the case is thicker for the powered models and the chronograph pusher placement is different.

In many ways, the Camaro is the sister-watch to the Heuer Carrera, with both models sharing similar dial, hands and movements. The difference is of course in the case, where the Camaro features a 37mm cushion-shape case. The watch features a plexi crystal which sits proud of the case and has a soft curve. The dials are first rate- the S below has a starburst dial, applied hour-markers and indented registers, which feature an azurage pattern in the centre.

There are three lines to the Camaro family- the Camaro 12 3 register with hour counterCamaro 30 2 register with 30 minute counter and Camaro 45 2 register with 45 minute counter. The issue tends to be the case itself, which can attract scratches and dings. In particular, its common to see the starburst case pattern scratched and damaged. One point to note if you are looking to add a strap to the Camaro is that the lugs are an unusual size- 19mm.

Finally, a confusing area for collectors is the inconsistent application of hands on the Camaro. Take a look at the magnificent Camaro sold by Arno Haslinger in One white sub-dial hand, two Orange sub-dial hands…and a red Chronograph hand. All original and correct, but to a first-time buyer it does look wrong. The Camaro range is very broad, with a huge range of variations on offer. Allow us to pick the five highlights of the Camaro range.

The Panda dial with the Valjoux 72 movement is our favourite. The model above features a black tachymeter flange, and there was also a second Panda that was the same but without the tachy scale- Ref. Our second choice is a little more unusual- a Gold-plated Camaro with the Valjoux The example above was sold in the Haslinger auction, and is an absolute beauty. The contrast of the White dial and the Gold coloured details looks perfect if you want to bling things up a little.

Had to include this one- the dark brown dial, the asymmetric sub-dial hands. The dial on this Camaro 30 is so nicely balanced and simple. Unlike our second choice, this model is solid Gold and uses the Valjoux 72 movement. Heuer were not the only brand to offer the Camaro style case- take a look at this attractive Longines Conquest, which dates from the early s- and after the Camaro had stopped production.Very stylish and totally underrated ioho vintage chronograph from the 's, great all original condition vintage Heuer chronograph, nicknamed the pre Carrera, this is such a cool watchthe same price as a re issue, super value for money, it com….

Great Carrera from the first owner. All the lume spots etc are in fine original condition, the silvered dial showing some slight age spots but looks great on the wrist. Fully serviced and running fine. We have fitted one of our hand made rally straps….

This version has two chronograph dials featuring 30 minute timing and in the six o'clock position displays a date function. Powered by the hand wound valjoux…. A true classic Heuer, sometimes referred to as a "reverse Panda", this very rare example also has a Tachymetre scale on the dial.

The condition is very good, all original, un-polished with the original lume. This combination of dial is particularly s….

Ultimate Guide to the Heuer Camaro

Monaco bthe famous "Mcqueen", it is the same reference and colour as worn in the movie LeMans. It comes with a mark 1 bracelet, box, unsigned papers, sticker on the back and hang tag. The condition is amazing. An investment which is so beaut…. Powered by the hand-wound Valujoux 72 movement, this is a superb example complete with an unpolished case with contrasting sunburst finish and clear edges. The …. Becoming increasingly rare and all the more collectable, these early and certainly vibrant variations of the Formula 1 model carry a distinct wave of nostalgia amongst many collectors.

One of the finest of the classic re-issues, this Monza has a look and feel of the original Camaro. One of the most desirable and collectible of the Carrera series.

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This fine all original example has not been polished, has full beautifully aged lume, second generation in the series from aboutfine working order, as good an example as you co…. One of the rarest Vintage Heuer watches we have found. This is a lovely all original ready to wear manual wind compression back Autavia GMT circa This watch is very clean and sharp with no polishing, light marking and soft fading to the bezel.

A super honest example. Very clean and original Autavia.

heuer carrera 7753 sn

Strong original dial with red accents. Fitted with one of our custom rally straps with red stitching. We are very happy to present custom made mounts which can take any stop watch and mount it on the dash board of your classic car.We are a week and a half away from the second auction of the year by Watches of Knightsbridge and as usual here at Bexsonn, we headed over to WoK to see some interesting lots.

Lot A couple of years ago, vintage Heuer in general had a meteoric rise, led by the likes of the Autavia and Carrera and it is no secret that it reached its peak at the Phillips Heuer Parade thematic auction. Fundamentally, Heuer as a brand has everything going for it, heritage, model variation and high quality design and build.

Putting speculation aside, the Carrera irrespective of price remains one of the most elegant designs to come out of the 20th century and Jack Heuer to this day is revered for creating design that is truly timeless. The way the turned, elongated lugs hugs the wrist and the minimalistic dial design, at the time, was a real revelation and today, at the top of the tree are the Panda variations.

The Heuer Carrera SNT is a rare variation of the Carrera and one of the most attractive, with its classic panda layout. While it is significantly lower value that the three register, Valjoux 72, SN, you get the same great look at a fraction of the price. Lot The Dirty Dozen is a group of watches that I am fondly familiar with, having been my first written and published article back in Since then, there has been a whole host of articles talking about the Dirty Dozen.

Right from the start, I said that my favourite was the Longines, and for good reason. With a Mind you, that if this was a civilian These were often changed around during service and to find one in an original state is always great. As with Rolex, there are a few characteristics that make a watch valuable and with this Tudor Submarinerit displays a good range of those.

First of all, this Ref. The condition on this example is great to, with a dial that remains nice and glossy and beautiful patina on the luminous material as well. The case retains its strong bevels on the lugs and the crown guards are sharp. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date is the perfect example.

Elegantly sized at 34mm, this is the perfect dress watch. Do not be put off by the sizing as under a cuff, this will not look small at all.

This example looks to be in a very clean example with a beautiful dial displaying all lume plots intact and a warm matching patina. Finally, the cherry on top would have to be the riveted Oyster bracelet it comes with. The rivet bracelets are much thinner than the later folded or solid link bracelets and for a dress watch like this, it is the perfect accompaniment.

Lot Continuing on the theme of gold is this stunning example from Universal Geneve. Beginning with the model, the Medico-Compax is one of the rarer variants of the Universal chronograph range and this design is one of my favourites. If you think about it, this makes sense as legibility is improved dramatically for the doctor, not to mention a pretty unique aesthetic appeal.

On top of this, this Medico Compax is housed in a solid gold Spillman case, most recognisable by the angular downturned lugs. Spillman cases are generally quite rare but to have one in solid gold and housing a Medico Compax? The condition on this example looks to be excellent, with a beautiful patina on the dial and the luminous material and a nice thick case with its gold dustcover intact. This would have to be my favourite lot in the whole auction.

Overall, as usual, I think it is a pretty strong auction and with the markets in general softening, the result of this auction will be a good indicator on collector sentiment.

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Quality still sells irrespective of the market condition and I am sure that the aforementioned lots will fly. Sean Song.

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